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CRI - Color Rendering and what it means for your eyes
Before you buy any HID or LED, regardless of price, read this. Hard to believe for some and embarrassing for others. It is basic science you can verify yourself.

FYRLYT considered all techniques incl. LED and HID (xenon) when they would do their lights. FYRLYT wanted to produce an extralight that maximized what you want to see, not limit it. The color rendering of a light source is very important for the quality of light.
CRI measures how easily the human eye can distinguish between different colors. FYRLYT has CRI 100, which by definition means a "perfect" color rendering. The best LEDs / HIDs have as low as 80, and very many have as low as 60-65.
Halogen with long wavelength (based on red-yellow light) penetrates moisture / dust / smoke much better than LED / HID with short wavelength (based on blue-green light).

Warning! This will stir up a bit and so it should. You may well be questioning sectors in the aftermarket industry as a whole from major brands to newspaper or forum "experts." We make this statement as the current technology stands in 2015. This is not to say that this will never change in the future, as the technology inevitably evolves, but just because something is NEW does not necessarily make it better.

Take a close look at the picture below and form your own opinion. Look carefully and compare these basic graphs. Note that the color information is missing on the right side of the LED lights compared to daylight and halogen lights.
Consider the risks you may encounter along the roads. Cattle? Pets? Moose? Deer? Badger? Reindeer? Wild boar? Everyone usually falls predominantly in this color range. Almost ideal. However, look at halogen. Another reason we chose what is best for the function. Remember that all halogen lamps are not the same, so be careful with the "experts" who usually say that the high-power halogen lamps go out, overheat, etc. Often they have never even seen a FYRLYT or even identified the bulb we have developed and are currently using.


This video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and explains in detail FYRLYT's response to AMA's report on LED street lighting. There are some who claim we are wrong. They are often trademarks or distributors of LED or HID lamps! These people might want to consider that we have had a number of ophthalmologists and academics agree that 5000K is not IDEAL. Who would you trust? Ask them to be prepared to debate against an ophthalmology (the doctrine of the eye and its diseases)?