FYRLYT is unique! All our products are manufactured on facts, all to ensure that you as a customer feel confident that we deliver the class's leading extralight/spotlight in both performance and durability.

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Feedback from some customers
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Aaron Wilson
Finally I got my pair of NEMESIS 9000 mounted yesterday after finally deciding to invest in a pair and all I can say is WOW these lights are beyond anything else.

My 50 inch light ramp is now superfluous, I drove last night on my way home with the lights on 90% of the trip and it was like driving during the day. The amount and color of the light is perfect for road trips.

I have owned Lightforce, IPF, Hella, Narva and some LED lights and there is no doubt that the competition does not even have to take place because they are not even close to being on the same level.

I looked at them in the store, invested them, tested them, and now I'm a 100% FYRLYT fan.

Good working guys.
Bought Nemesis after seeing them on Facebook, I have had HID, LED and old 100W halogen and no one can compare to these.
Matt Byrne
I have Nemesis on my car. Fitted according to instructions. Absolutely amazing what a light. Well invested money.
Evan Box
Have driven FYRLYT for a few years and travel a lot along the roads. Love them.
Rob Bennett
A big thank you to the team who delivered and mounted these FYRLYT 5000. These lamps are absolutely brilliant. A very satisfied customer.
Michael Flatt
Removed my 4 Lightforce with 100W HID and mounted the Nemesis 9000. So much more light. So much better quality light.
Andrew Murphy
Tested my Nemesis 9000 tonight ... wow !! The distance and volume are incredible. Very impressed.
Mike Gawalski
I just bought your top lights and installed them on my car. I exchanged my IPF rally. The difference is incredible. The amount of light is crazy. The night becomes like day and without reflective pain. The best I've had. Very good design. Thanks for the info before I bought the lamps. It was real information. Best out there. Brilliant.
Grant Saywell
Recently bought a pair of Nemesis 9000. I was worried about how they would perform but I wanted the best and most light for the money. I tested them the same day they arrived and I was not disappointed when I turned on these extra lights. Both spread and length. Well worth the money. Very pleased with my FYRLYT Nemesis 9000.
Bluey Keff
I bought a set of 5000. These replaced a set of 55W HID. I did a lot of research on Halogen vs HID vs LED and decided on FYRLYT. So far I am impressed. Good distance, good spread, and not as much reflection from signs.
Jesus Garcia
These are simply the best and highest quality candles you can buy. They have amazing light quality that transforms night into day in a fraction of a second. These are called HID killers for a very good reason. They also have outstanding build quality and fantastic customer service from a company that believes in their product. They also have a simple switch on the back that turns "spot" to "spread" without tools and filters. You have to see them to believe them, these candles can save your life.
Brad Will
Hi. I forgot to mention this morning that I noticed many people who attach great importance to comparing "slides". The introduction of this type of data can help people appreciate how good the FYRLYT lamps really are. I can honestly say that I do not need any extra lamp on my vehicle with my two Nemesis 9000, as I would probably need glasses instead.
Mark Jeffery
I always have high quality extra lights on my vehicles with a lot of dark driving behind me (professional hunters in Australia) and this is the best I have had, should be called DAYSLYUS not FYRLYT :) The only negative was the cabling installation, nothing about begative switched vehicles.
It has been two weeks since I installed the Nemsis 9000. They are fantastic extra lights. Super bright, natural light with excellent distance. The bad. The installation is slightly expensive. Your product is amazing.
Trevor McCarthy
I have had my extra lights for a few years, do not drive as much in the dark as before but always am as impressed with the performance. Recently a problem with one lens, sent an email and the same day a new lens was sent to me. Great service.
Scott Baker
To the guys at FYRLYT. After much research and reading reviews I bought the Nemesis 9000. I love them. Have had a HID 70W for years and they do not even come close to FYRLYT light quality. Would I recommend FYRLYT? Absolutely yes.
Warren Franklin
Take the chance to thank the guys at FYRLYT for the best and most professional service before and after my FYRLYT purchase. After first buying 5000 it was time for an update to Nemesis 9000. I am very pleased with my purchase and feel that I am much safer with them along the roads. Thanks.
Cliff Moore
I am a proud owner of FYRLYT 5000. These lamps are absolutely incredible. Nothing else comes close. So when I updated to "Nemesis", expectations were high. Nothing could have prepared me for the old amount of light that came out in the front of my car. I literally sat and laughed like a schoolboy for the next 5 minutes. Buy them! You will not regret it!
Scott Allsop
I've tried almost everything, and everyone has broken for some reason. One day I heard about FYRLYT, I was clearly skeptical. First bought a game of 5000 for my car. Later also Nemesis 9000 and oh Lord God, they would get a blind man to see. Get these, you won't regret it.
Jake Sgubin
Home from a victory tonight. Don't want anything but FYRLYT on the front of our car. Can't describe in words how good these candles are.
I am surprised and impressed by these extra lights. I have a long way to go. Once a month I drive at night time and my extra lights make it light
Joe Bongiorno
Just got some Nemesis 9000 24V 250W installed on my truck. I've never come across a couple of lights with as much scatter as these. Makes HID light fade. Very happy customer.
Chris Woroll
I have my new Nemesis extra lights mounted on my Jeep Grand Cherooke, they are nothing short of brilliant. Cheers to a very happy customer.
Evan Gouskos
Got them mounted last week. They look, and more importantly, work great. I also have a couple of Nemesis on my LC200. All I can say is WOW! Best driving light on the market all categories.
Jenny Bertram
Sent a message to FYRLYT this morning, some questions. Within 30 minutes I received a reply. Excellent customer service. Thanks.
Mike Hoare
Just a quick note to say what a great after-sales service I have recently received from the FYRLYT team. I had a problem with one of my lights that was on my neck for a few years, but after a quick chat on the phone he sent me suitable parts. These came up shortly and the problem was solved. No hassle, no problems, just good service. Thanks.
Luke Kelley
I have had my FYRLLT 5000 extra lights for a couple of weeks, and all I can say is that there will be no return on these. I've had many extra lights and none of them match the outstanding performance that FYRLYT shows. I highly recommend these extra lights to everyone, you will never buy another brand.
Ashly Beck
Hi. I just came back after a test on my new FYRLYT, they are impressive. The brightness is amazing and I was very surprised at the distance to the range. It is not easy to describe with words. I have seen pictures and videos but they really do not do justice, you really have to see these lights for yourself. Thanks again FYRLYT, I am impressed with your product.