FYRLYT is unique! All our products are manufactured on facts, all to ensure that you as a customer feel confident that we deliver the class's leading extralight/spotlight in both performance and durability.

Test us and experience the difference! 
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FYRLYT specification:
Reflector size: 208mm
Weight per unit: 1100g

One extralight. Four models. Easy.

FYRLYT is a world leader in lightquality. Each component of FYRLYT is interchangeable. No other brand offers this. If you want the best extralight with the best light quality that the market offers, then you've come to the right, you don't have to look any further. You will notice less glare, less driver fatigue and see more details to make your driving safer along the roads.

Design features

The mounting base consists of machined aluminum alloy.
The mounting base, the aluminum alloy (T6060-T5) base maintains its impact resistance at extremely low temperatures, unlike some metals and plastics, while providing exceptional resistance to vibration.

SPOT & SPREAD headlamps in a light without CLIP ON filters that cost you the effect.
The lamp holder has two positions that allow the user to adjust the light to either SPOT or SPREAD current spread on the light. Remember that all "filters" cost effect.

The German Osram bulb delivers light quality in addition to both LED & HID. 100 CRI (color rendering index).
The halogen bulb FYRLYT is available in two variants, either 5000 or 9000 effective lumens, delivering an unmatched 100 CRI. The best LED & HIDs that are usually used as extralight often reach only 80 CRI and often much less. Halogen has much better light quality and is superior in dusty or humidified air (TYNDALL EFFECT) which allows you to see more details and longer distances with less glare. FYRLYT bulb is misled by some media and "some" experts who believe that all halogen lamps are equally in production. They are often confused with OEMs that limit DOT or ADR regulation.

Hard-coated reflector and lens
The reflector is made of aluminum and is hard-coated with silica to enable cleaning if needed. Be careful not to damage the reflector as it may be oxidized or permanently damaged. Lenses from 2019 are borosilicate hardened glass (pyrex) for unmatched optical brilliance. No plastic lenses can match this look. The lens can easily be replaced by simply rotating through its smart bayonet design.

Goretec seal
Goretec seal reduces the risk of water intrusion when used in humid air while providing seal if the light is off.

Stainless steel fasteners
Fasteners and the lamp holder in FYRLYT are made of stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance.

The housing
The non-metallic components of FYRLYT are made of high-efficiency reinforced and non-reinforced technical polymers with exceptionally high impact and fatigue properties. The thickness is 4.8 mm and considerably thicker than the competitors.

FYRLYT lights are convertible
All components can be purchased individually as spare parts and thanks to smart design it is easy to assemble virtually anything new without returning to FYRLYT.

Want to see product pictures? You can find it here.

Light quality in addition to LED and HID. Most light quality for money?
The Osram bulb with 150W 5000 lumens with a unique reflector and a quality of light in addition to LED and HID, and a price that is competitive when compared with the competitors premium models.
Price incl. VAT:
LUXSIS 5000 12V: 269 EUR

LUXSIS 5000 24V: 269 EUR
Kabelsats 2 resp 3 ljus 12V: 99 EUR / 149 kr
Kabelsats 2 resp 3 ljus 24V: 99 kr / 149kr
Jamie Benaud review of the FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000, also includes installation on his Toyota Landcruiser.
An extralight that delivers light quality like no other on the planet. You will "almost" see tomorrow. Simply a light with no compromises.
The Osram bulb with 250W 9000 lumens, unique reflector and optics gives a superior volume and distance combination that exceeds LED or 70/90 /100W HID. The NEMESIS 9000 blows these off and NO startup time like on HID, or excessive glare or light encryption (TYNDALLE EFFECT) which is common with 5000K or larger LED lights. 
Price incl. VAT:
NEMESIS 9000 12V: 449 EUR 

NEMESIS 9000 24V: 315 EUR
Kabelsats 2 resp 3 ljus 12V: 149 EUR / 224 EUR
Kabelsats 2 resp 3 ljus 24V: 99 EUR / 149 EUR 
Jamie Benaud review of the FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000, also includes installation on his Toyota Landcruiser.
Example of feedback on the FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000

Finally I got my pair of NEMESIS 9000 mounted yesterday after finally deciding to invest in a pair and all I can say is WOW these lamps are beyond anything else I have tested.

My 50 inch light ramp is now superfluous, I drove last night on my way home with the lights on 90% of the trip and it was like driving during the day. The amount and color of the light is perfect for road trips.

I have owned Lightforce, IPF, Hella, Narva and some LED lights and there is no doubt that the competition does not even have to take place because they are not even close to being on the same level.

I looked at them in the store, invested them, tested them, and now I'm a 100% FYRLYT fan.

Good work guys.

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