FYRLYT is unique! All our products are manufactured on facts, all to ensure that you as a customer feel confident that we deliver the class's leading extralight/spotlight in both performance and durability.

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SPOTFYR is the ultimate professional 12 / 24V hand-held spotlight / spotlight / searchlight. The reflector is 198 mm. Superior light quality. Literally crushes both LED & HID (xenon). A professional military quality product. 

SPOTFYR has set a new benchmark in its class. With a build quality and performance that is normally associated with a premium binoculars view. Think about this. Our competitors with 70W HID (xenon) usually produce 6400 lumens. SPOTFYR 12000 delivers 12,000 lumens with CRI / Ra (color rendering) of 100, which means "perfect color rendering".

Sea rescue
Rescue service
All materials are made of aluminum, black anodizing.
► 198mm aluminium reflector.
CRI/Ra at 100 (Color Rendering Index) with 3400K.

12,000 lumens of halogen. German-made OSRAM 250W bulb. CRI / Ra (color rendering) of 100, which by definition means "perfect color rendering".
► Borosilicate glass (PYREX). Very durable, and scratch-free cleaning. 
► Quick bulb replacement, no tools needed.
► 12-27V converter.
Do you need no 12-27V converter? Contact us and we will fix it.
► Adjustable beam.

HELLFYR chose a HALOGEN lamp. Why not LED or HID (xenon).
First of all, not even a 100W xenon has our performance that we offer in the HELLFYR light. The reality is the majority of ebay xenon kits are just Chinese garbage and very grossly exaggerated specifications for ballasts and worse are the light bulbs that are best thrown in the trash.

Color Rendering Index is very important regarding the light quality of a light source. You have to see every detail to the maximum, especially if it is a critical scenario that can be about life or death. HELLFYR has CRI / Ra of 100 (perfect color rendering). The best LED & HID (xenon) has as low as 80, and very many have as low as 60-65 in CRI. You do not want a light source that lacks colors, has shadows or gives unnecessary glare. LED & HID (xenon) or any other light source with typically 5000K is significantly less efficient due to the thin power effect. The thin-valley effect is a phenomenon that consists in the spreading of light in the atmosphere by dust, smoke, moisture and / or other pollutants. When the incoming light is white (higher kelvin number), the scattered light is blue or bluish. A halogen lamp with equivalent brightness and volume will always be superior in this regard as the technology currently stands. To discuss further please contact us.
Officials, military, police, rescue service, search and rescue, please contact us for SPECIAL PRICE and technical service.

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