FYRLYT is unique! All our products are manufactured on facts, all to ensure that you as a customer feel confident that we deliver the class's leading extralight/spotlight in both performance and durability.

Test us and experience the difference! 
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FYRLYT is different and when you consider verifying the facts you may well question what you previously thought.
In 2011, FYRLYT's design team began work on creating an extralight that would meet their expectations.
We want to  maximize the quality of light, not limit it.
An extra light that delivers a light that results in less driver fatigue and a light image that is equivalent to a light wall. The extra light would take into account different driving conditions and maximize what you see. HID (xenon), LED & HALOGEN were all considered as alternatives.

Why FYRLYT extralight?
Why halogen in FYRLYT?

Beware of "BRANDS" or "experts" who insist that "LIGHT & WHITE" as daylight make the best driving light. Ask them to validate their claim with verifiable evidence.

FYRLYT went back to the core issue. What if we could create a light that delivered more volume, superior contrast and less eye saturation than both HID or LED? What if we could make a light that is truly built for a lifetime and easy to maintain? What if we can do all that, plus save money for the customer?

Yes, FYRLYT uses HALOGEN but not as you think! Our German 5000 and 9000 lumens are far from standard OEM headlamps and provide light quality that is superior to either HID or LED. If you think it sounds too good to be true, please contact us with any questions.

FYRLYT's halogen lamp exceeds both LED or HID.
For more information, see the CRI page.
Truth? Ask a real FYRLYT customer
Find feedback on the FYRLYT facebook page so you can hear it directly from real FYRLYT owners. Many of these have for many years used many different types of lights and have a great deal of experience from different brands available on the market.
Who buys FYRLYT and why?
Many FYRLYT customers have compared their previous extralights with FYRLYT and suddenly realized that they now had a more desirable light quality that they did not have before.
Why FYRLYT is not HID or LED
HID, LED or HALOGEN? FYRLYT's designers soon identified HID & LED in CRI, color rendering index compared to HALOGEN. The mission was to find or design a bulb to deliver a quality of light that HID or LED cannot because of their current limitations. NOTE! This can be changed with a view to further technological development or new technology. Of course, FYRLYT would then re-evaluate and consider that alternative. Lighting is the same, why would you choose a extralight that sacrifices image detail that is fundamental to your ability to respond appropriately in milliseconds at speeds that cover "x" distances per second? Be sure to listen to your favorite song over the radio compared to a quality hi-fi system. The difference you understand is obvious! Similarly, "quality" of the light emitted from a FYRLYT delivers more detail than any HID or LED. READ MORE ON THE CRI PAGE.
Isn't halogen old technology?
No, not when it comes to driving lights and it is worth looking at in a wider context.
The FYRLYT lamp from Osram in Germany delivers genuine 5000 and 9000 lumens respectively. CRI 100. 3400 kelvin.
How about the load on my alternator?
Perhaps one of the most common problems and misconceptions. Most modern vehicles have absolutely no problems when driving 300W or 500W driving lights. For example, for 2 pcs 12V NEMESIS 9000 (500W) an approximately 90 amp generator is needed, and for 3 pcs 12V NEMESIS 9000 (750W) approximately 110 ampere generator. The majority of our early testing was done with a standard Toyota Landcruiser for hours at low speed and a lot of stop driving with no problem at all. We find most problems that have all come back are due to incorrect wiring, poor wiring, poor connections and faulty relays. A basic rule is not to charge the alternator more than 60% of the capacity of your extralights. FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 draws about 20A, FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 about 10A, this applies to 12V systems, for 24V systems it is halved, ie 10A and 5A respectively.
Our last comment on this. If what we designed didn't work, how can it be that after all these years we have so many satisfied customers?

How long will a NEMESIS 250W lamp last?
The German Osram lamp was designed to operate under specific conditions and performs at "X" level without any problems. The housing and all components were designed around the 150W and 250W lamp. Think about this, if a FYRLYT didn't work the way we market it, then how can our business continue to grow? Our 250W NEMESIS is rated to last 300 hours so basic arithmetic (calculus) says it is 30,000 km of dark driving. For those who scream over this should be the same people who think it is enough to change oil on their car every 100,000 km.
MUST READ! Can I use my existing cable kit?
It is important that the cabling can supply the minimum correct voltage of at least 13.2V at the lamp (applies to FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000) or 23.5V (applies to NEMESIS 9000) to ensure maximum power. A standard cheap wiring rated for 100W lamps is not enough. We offer a cabling that fits the FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 lights or you can see the specified specifications and create your own. Of course, we have cables for the FYRLYR NEMESIS 9000 lights. The NEMESIS 9000 lights have additional requirements at another level due to their extreme power. You will find the specified specifications under Installation.
FYRLYT Nordic provides a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.