FYRLYT is unique! All our products are manufactured on facts, all to ensure that you as a customer feel confident that we deliver the class's leading extralight/spotlight in both performance and durability.

Test us and experience the difference! 
Photo: @hartsari
FYRLYT extralight is superior LED & HID in cold climate
If you live there, you need to know that you can trust your equipment to 100%. Strange things can happen with metals, plastics or electricity if it is not made for a Nordic climate.
Designed to operate in extreme winter conditions
Our design team has delivered a product that works day in and day out in which climate and environment that an extra light can be exposed to. Let us introduce you to an extra light that keeps what it promises. No molded, sheet metal or plastic brackets that can release after a period of use.
No filters that are icing again
Clip-on filters are a 1990s marketing "hype" and cost you power regardless. Some brands use them because their lenses are not hard-coated. FYRLYT's reflectors and lenses are hard-coated and can withstand tough conditions. So no more icing when you choose FYRLYT.

LED? 5000K? Some brands insist that it is the best! WRONG. Be sure to read the American Medical Association report. CLICK HERE

No doubt about it, LED has probably taken more media space lately, so you can be forgiven for thinking that all other lamps are now "old". We ask to differ and say that it is time to go back and consider what is happening here. We will recognize that LEDs, especially those manufactured in the US, offer an excellent lighting solution for a wide range of applications. But if you are looking for an extra light that really performs maximally and with a scientifically proven superior CRI, productivity and long-term value, FYRLYT is a better solution. It is generally known that LEDs can freeze in extreme conditions, rendering them useless.
HID (xenon)? Delayed onset and increased glare. "Brighter and whiter"? Is it really perfect for best performance? NO.
So many experienced drivers know that HID usually has a delayed start time until full lighting is delivered. Second, HID, especially those at 5000K, are usually compressed in their CRI (color rendering) and therefore tend to fade in comparison to halogen in terms of contrasts. Some say that a colored filter fixes this but it costs you light power and is frankly a waste of time and money. Every brand or seller that promotes WHITE LIGHT has poor / little knowledge of basic science how to create an extra light that will maximize what you want to see. Do not waste your time on the reliability of Chinese ballasts and light bulbs in these environments.
Light quality in addition to LED and HID
FYRLYT produces long-wavelength light from 390Nm to 700Nm (based on red-yellow light) for every conceivable situation, with a stronger distribution to the longer wavelengths.
LED and HID with short wavelength (based on blue-green light) are poor for image sharpness and TYNDALL EFFECT.
Kelvin is poor due to glare.

The halogen has much better light quality and is superior in dusty and humid air (TYNDALL EFFECT) which allows you to see more details and longer distances with less glare.
Halogen with long wavelength penetrates moisture / dust / smoke much better than LED & HID with short wavelength. LED and HID will increase the blue light, which increases the glare and thin effect when air has moisture / dust / smoke etc so the light will bounce back and shine more.